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'The right yoga for the right person:' Applying restorative yoga in the voice studio (The Journal of Singing, Vol. 81, n. 3 Jan/Feb. 2025; forthcoming)
an article about how restorative yoga can be a useful tool for classical singers
Emmy Heim: The Mother of Art Song in Canada (Art Song Canada, Autumn 2023)
an article about the Viennese, naturalized Canadian singer and pedagogue, Emmy Heim

Spotlight on Rebecca Hass (Opera Canada Magazine, Winter 2022)
a feature on Opera Canada's inaugural Nada Ristich Change Maker recipient

Opera, sustainability and reconciliation (Opera Canada Magazine, Winter 2021)
a portrait of the Canadian opera community's efforts towards sustainability

La voix humaine and mental health (Opera Canada Magazine, Fall 2021)
a look at how opera companies can support singers' mental health

A tribute to Ezra Schabas (Opera Canada Magazine, Spring 2021)
a tribute to Sara's late grandfather, educator, author & musician Ezra Schabas

How can diverse identities experience Messiah? (Opera Canada Online, 2020)

an opinion piece about what it means to sing and perform Messiah

Reflections on Singing Only Softly (blog entry, 2019)

thoughts on interpreting Anne Frank


Mary Clements and the New Opera, Missing (Opera Canada Magazine, 2017)

an interview with Métis-Dene playwright and librettist, Marie Clements


Why it is so important the COC gets Louis Riel right (Ludwig Van, 2017)

discussing the controversial adaptation of Harry Somers & Mavor Moore's 1967 opera


How a Toronto neighbourhood inspired a home-grown La bohème (Ludwig Van, 2017)

exploring Against the Grain's adaptation of Puccini's parisienne opera


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