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Selected Writings

Recent publications:
Spotlight on Rebecca Hass (Opera Canada Magazine, Winter 2022)
a feature on Opera Canada's inaugural Nada Ristich Change Maker recipient

Opera, sustainability and reconciliation (Opera Canada Magazine, Winter 2021)
a portrait of the Canadian opera community's efforts towards sustainability

La voix humaine and mental health (Opera Canada Magazine, Fall 2021)
a look at how opera companies can support singers' mental health

A tribute to Ezra Schabas (Opera Canada Magazine, Spring 2021)
a tribute to Sara's late grandfather, educator, author & musician Ezra Schabas


*The articles listed below are available to read by clicking on their headings:


How can diverse identities experience Messiah? (Opera Canada Online, 2020)

an opinion piece about what it means to sing and perform Messiah


Canoe tripping opera singer grounded during Covid-19 (blog entry, 2020)

a reflection on touring, canoe-tripping and being an opera singer during a pandemic


Reflections on Singing Only Softly (blog entry, 2019)

thoughts on interpreting Anne Frank


Mary Clements and the New Opera, Missing (Opera Canada Magazine, 2017)

an interview with Métis-Dene playwright and librettist, Marie Clements


Why it is so important the COC gets Louis Riel right (Ludwig Van, 2017)

discussing the controversial adaptation of Harry Somers & Mavor Moore's 1967 opera


How a Toronto neighbourhood inspired a home-grown La bohème (Ludwig Van, 2017)

exploring Against the Grain's adaptation of Puccini's parisienne opera


A Response to "Our Response" (Schmopera, 2017)

reflections on Bernstein's oft-invoked quotation


Conundrums: Singing On Command (Schmopera, 2017)

an op-ed exploring singing whenever asked


From the Physics Lab to the Four Seasons (The Varsity, 2010)

an interview with a scientist turned opera singer

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